Cape Verde Islands-'A win-win' - the deals attempting to make global fishing more sustainable

Updated: Jan 12

Ocean examines how international fishing agreements between the EU and other countries are helping to create jobs and healthier seas in West Africa.

"With this new boat, we can go further out at sea and catch more fish."

Pombas is a small city on Santo Antão, the western most island of the Cape Verde archipelago in the central Atlantic. The city has dozens of fishermen, and their numbers are growing as more young men enter the profession. One obstacle to fishing at sea is the need for a motorised boat.

For fisherman, Adirson Carlos Da Cruz Dos Santos, the cost of buying such a vessel was too much money. Luckily for him, the fishermen of Pombas recently got a brand new boat paid for by Cape Verde’s government. That was thanks to a partnership agreement with the European Union.

It means the younger men can go out to sea with more experienced fishermen, learning the craft while also earning a living.

“With this new boat, we can go further out to sea and catch more fish. It can be shared between many fishermen without any problem. So if someone needs a boat and doesn't have their own, they can use this one,” Adirson says.

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